Chair 2 and Chair 3 are iterations following Make-A-Chair
In this project, I explored body movements. The design encourages both our body in motion and our mind to be active, like solving a puzzle. It is made with three distinct pieces, a trapezoidal base, an exercise ball, and the main seat and back piece. The chair supports thoughtful posture in its upright state and asks to be re-assembled into a secondary arrangement that encourages stretching and movement. To talk about how it works is, first, to look at the details of the joints. Where the base joins the seating part is a trapezoidal shape. To reassemble the chair into its second arrangement, the user would have to lift up, reposition the base, and then insert it on the base. This process engages the thinking as the orientation of the opening is not matching how it is at the other opening while they seemingly look the same. Most users took a few times playing the puzzle before they settled the chair into its secondary arrangement.

Chair 2 and Chair 3 are new iterations of the Make-A-Chair. They are made better with thick wood pieces joined firmly with lightweight metal frames. The metal frames support more play and creative usage. 
The first iteration chair was displayed at WantedDesign Manhattan in 2021 and was an awarded honoree at the 2020 NYCxDesign, 2018 London International Creative Competition and LaunchPad at WantedDesign Manhattan in 2021.