Functional Wallscape is a project collaborated with peers and instructor Deborah Schneiderman at Pratt Institute in Fall Semester 2018. This work was the sole exhibit displayed at the Third Annual Pratt Interior Provocations Symposium, Pratt Insititute Brooklyn Campus.
Functional Wallscape project began with the individual exploration of different walls and wall systems. Each one of us experimented with different geometries. As a group, we then came up with a conclusion to move forward with one geometry, triangles. Triangles gave us the freedom to work with folding multiple triangles connected to all three sides, creating a three-dimensional form.
To understand the functionality of the Wallscape we were working to create, we worked with paper forms and design individual modules with a unique function that attaches to the base piece using magnetic snaps.  Each unique element was made from a flat strip of squares from joining two right triangles. 
The wall scape and its modules were constructed using plain cardboard, some tape and Felt adding softness and color.
Team: Lucy, Yanhong, Ziqian, Tina, Beem, Aish, Erin, Ya, Aakansha , Alex, Jubin